Teach2000 8.51

Classroom test resource for both teachers and students

My memory has always been like a sieve and it seems to be getting worse so I was more than intrigued to try out Teach2000. View full description


  • An innovative way to improve your memory
  • Allows printing of tests and flash cards
  • Easy to use


  • Tests can become very repetitive
  • Could do with more fun games and activities


My memory has always been like a sieve and it seems to be getting worse so I was more than intrigued to try out Teach2000.

Teach2000 is like a personal tutor that helps you memorize a foreign language, topography or even important historical facts and dates. It's aimed at students mainly who want to get ahead in their exams or classwork. The program has a quick start wizard that takes you through everything from scratch. It sets you a number of texts based on what you want to remember such as symbols, text or statistics. The program tests your memory by asking you to repeat whatever you've read several times until the number or words are drilled into your head. One good thing is that the program is not limited by language - it can handle phrases and texts in twelve different languages. It's also a very good way to improve your grammar (at least in English anyway) as it tests your ability to remember grammatical rules with a multiple choice test. The program is completely free and very fast at administration tests and changing from one to another. In case you want to use the tests outside of your PC, you can also print out tests and flashcards which could be useful in a classroom environment too.

A fast and innovative way to try and improve your memory although I bet I still forget my keys at least once this week even after using this.


  • Improved export of digital test results. New is the ability to move questions up and down in the list. This is a recommended update!

Teach 2000 is like a private teacher that helps you to memorize a foreign language, topography or even the history of Italy by date. Teachers will find it a useful classroom resource whilst students will improve test results with this free trainer.

Key features include:

  • Easy handling of foreign symbols
  • Test system based on spaced repetition
  • A question can have multiple answers, and vice versa
  • Multi-line questions and answers.
  • Rich formatting of the questions.
  • Phonetic symbols

There's also twelve dictionaries included for translations and synonyms and you can even add multimedia to the questions.

You can also print flash cards, tests and crib notes and best of all, its totally free.



Teach2000 8.51